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Clicking on this beautiful Sargent painting will take you to Arias, Riffs & Whispers, Words Written for Voices, the book that sets the imagery for this site and sends into the world private writing I (the aforementioned Ann Medlock) have been doing for decades. You’ll find sample pages, feedback from readers, and a way to order it, should you be so moved.

If you’re not already a friend, Bio may tell you if this site is of interest to you.

Try News for to-come events, passing observations, or works-in-progress. It’s an ongoing blog so there’s no telling what may be there on any given day.

Works will take you to past articles, public radio commentaries, and speeches I’ve written and/or given, and to a few articles of which I seem to be the subject.

Leads is where you’ll find people and works that inspire me and that may prove valuable to you as well.

If you're trying to get to the article, "Looking for Michael," click here.

This site isn’t here to be a one-way communication—one of my greatest joys is the reverberations that come echoing back from these “rose petals dropped in a canyon.” I urge you to make contact.


The novel Iíve been calling Walking the Mermaid is done, though itís now mutated into The Mermaidís Tale; A Novel of Love, Fear, & Misogyny.

Itís being printed in both hardback and paperback, each just over 400 pages (and I cut a lot). As you can see, itís gorgeous to look at, so even if you donít read novels you might want a copy sitting around just to stare at.

Dromnavarna Press is a boutique publishing operation so the runs of this ďbeta editionĒ are smallóand pricy. Hardbacks are 30 bucks, paperbacks are 20. (Forget the .95 or .99 nonsenseólike weíre too dumb to know it means a buck.)

If youíre thinking of gifts, be warned: a few parts of the novel are x-rated. You might not want to give it to someone whoís easily shocked. You can sample a snippet here (itís PG).

If you’re close enough to stop by my office in Langley, let me know. Your books will await you, with no shipping charges. Otherwise, use this handy PayPal route to getting your copies.


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