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Lisel Mueller

Mueller's work so inspires me, I dedicated Arias to her. She's also won a Pulitzer, so you don't have to take my word for it.

Elizabeth Pierson Friend


This woman took my breath away with a poem that was published after her death in 2003. It turns out it was her only poem, and I was deeply saddened that she hadn't written more. But she did paint--and what paintings. Here's the poem and an online gallery of her art.

Annette Gordon-Reed

Gordon-Reed, an attorney, wrote the excellent book, Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, An American Controversy, presenting the "case"--witnesses, evidence, documents--on a story that I had researched in 1963 for a history seminar. Gordon-Reed did a magnificent job of telling this once "unthinkable" story. It's a joy to see it finally known and understood, thanks in large part to Gordon-Reed. Here's my 1963 paper: Jefferson & Black Sal, Rumor Confirmed.


The three artists below have taken my spirit so far into realms beyond, the poem Clergy is about them.

  Christopher Alexander

Go to PatternLanguage.com, roll your mouse over Change Your World and you see my living room. Click on Change Your World and you're at my front door. Roll over Houses & Housing and you're looking at the house from my hammock. Go back to the home page, click Picture Gallery and you'll find more photos of "the Medlock house" on Whidbey Island. But enough about what Chris did here. Roam his site. He's one of the most important thinkers of our times and you must know all you can about his works and his thoughts.

Jon Zahourek

Jon Zahourek gave up painting some years ago to focus on his pioneering way of teaching anatomy (human, equine and canine). I know his revolutionary teaching is important, but I hope he still paints privately. His paintings were/are extraordinary.


Rainey composes, writes and performs country, rock and jazz. She wrote, directed and starred in a musical about the Hunchback of Notre Dame. She paints too. Formidable talent, this woman. She's done everything from busking on street corners in New Orleans to opening for Johnny Halliday on tour in Europe. You can find her CDs at raineyonline.com.

Hedgebrook retreat for women writers

And there's a place that gives me goose bumps and makes me want to sit down and write my heart out—the Hedgebrook retreat for women writers. I was on the Board of Directors there for some years and never failed to be thrilled by the respect and love for women's voices that emanates from every square inch of that land and those buildings. A detail that says it all: in the writers' cottages, all the window glass is beveled, to play with the incoming light. Makes me cry every time I see it.

Alexandra Dube Hartman

If you haven't yet clicked through to ah.com, do! Alexandra Dube Hartman did the elegant, clean, stunning design for this site. Her style adapts to each client so you must see her other sites to appreciate the full range of her brilliance, and see her paintings, writing and photography to understand what a wide-ranging talent she is.



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