From the Jane Austen room at The Sylvia Beach Hotel: “Outing the Mermaid is Jane Austen with sex.” – Goody Cable, hotel proprietor

An eBook or in paperback.

“The prose is poetry, yet completely unselfconscious, and that ain’t easy.” –Robert Page Jones, Screenwriter & Novelist

“Medlock’s ripping yarn will be on my shelf next to Amy Tan, Thomas McGuane, Wallace Stegner and Barbara Kingsolver.” – Peter Tavernise, artist & foundation leader

“I had to shake myself mentally when I was done with Outing the Mermaid, to force myself to emerge from the world the book created. It was a very intense experience.” – Joan Brunwasser, Editor, OpEdNews

“I started Outing the Mermaid last night in my favorite reading venue … the bathtub. All the water ran out and I was still sitting there reading. It’s that good. Brilliant.” – Wynne Crombie, writer & educator

“Medlock’s protagonist is a female, modern-day, Odysseus. Tested time and time again, her complex and varied adventures are not about conquering kingdoms or blinding Cyclops–they are about learning how to live one’s own life with the utmost authenticity and integrity. Such riches as these are beyond measure.” – Susan S. Scott, Jungian psychotherapist & author

Read the publisher's interview with the author. It's delightful.


"When a wise woman turns to poetry, witches become light, hills are lion women, a grandfather may be dangerous, and God's attention gets called to beauty. Join Ann Medlock in turning poetry into real life, and real life into poetry." — Gloria Steinem

"Beware! These poems stay with you for days—they affect the way you see your world and your place in it. Ann Medlock is a life force; it's rare to know one. Here's your chance." — Goody Cable, creator of the Sylvia Beach Hotel, a reader's paradise

"Ann Medlock's poems achieve an almost impossible perfection: they are impassioned and witty, profound and serenely beautiful, elegant and colloquial. Quite simply, they represent language at its finest." — Andrew Carroll, editor of 101 Great American Poems, co-founder of the American Poetry & Literacy Project

Arias, Riffs & Whispers: Words Written for Voices is a collection of 70 poems that range from witty, short riffs to full-blown dramatic arias about war, art, heroes, life, death, God, music, love--the stuff and substance of being alive.

Ann Medlock is founder of the Giraffe Heroes Project. She blogs at the Huffington Post, at OpEdNews and on her own web site. A former speechwriter to US politicians and to the Aga Khan, she has also been a public radio commentator, a freelance copy writer, and an editor at Macmillan. She has spoken to audiences all over this country as well as in Moscow and Beijing.

The Amazon site is saying they don't have many books. Not true. Last time I looked they actually had 90. Go ahead and order however many copies you want. Just not 91.



It isn’t what the Chief had in mind, we’re sure, but over the years he’s acquired a couple of ghost writers (in the sky?).

The gorgeous environmental speech that is everywhere attributed to the nineteenth-century tribal leader was, in fact, written by screenwriter Ted Perry in 1971 for a...


The reunions are always tearful, the regrets enormous. "Birth mothers" describe decades of worry and sorrow; their children, grown, newly found, say that not knowing who their birth parents were has been a gaping wound in their lives.

This isn't one of those stories.

I've seen them,...

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.13.45 AM.png

“Permission to engage your hand brake?”

You’re hearing this as you drive far faster than you know it’s wise to go—in circles—on a raceway covered with water—soapy water. And the professional instructor in your passenger seat wants to pull the hand brake.

What the hell....


When Nature magazine announced that Jefferson’s DNA matches that of one of the children of Sally Hemings, the slave long rumored to have been his mistress—I was cheering.

The Jefferson/Hemings story has been dismissed by generations of white, male historians who could address their hero’s...


Although Lawrence Rockwood was commended as a Giraffe Hero over a decade ago, I had never met him until a recent evening in San Diego, the city where he has settled into a new life as a teacher of history. The event was a private dinner honoring the Project’s work and two Giraffe Heroes in...


In the decades that I’ve been writing the stories of heroes, I’ve often felt dumbstruck with admiration. Never more so than in reading about Raoul Wallenberg.

His story is the stuff of legends, a tale so powerful it has moved hundreds of people to join in a demand to know how the story...

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This is a belated, and fairly impressionistic report to Possibly Interested Persons on my excursion to the first-ever White House conference on philanthropy. If you’ve had serious time in that building, this will be ho-hum. But if, like me, you can count your time there in minutes, this may be...

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Early in November I noticed that my breasts hurt. I found a lump in one. I made an appointment at our local clinic and was immediately given a blood test, an antibiotic and an appointment at a breast clinic. I wasn’t alarmed because breast cancer doesn’t hurt. Everybody knows that.



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