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A message writ in snow, in honor of snow-bound New Englanders. Outing the Mermaid is scheduled for release the first day of Spring.

There is a family legend that we attended the launch of this super modern ferry in 1935. I was two. My mom was in a great rush to get to the ceremony and there, at some point, she looked down to see me bent over to pick something up--pantsless. Now that the Kalakala is being scrapped, I find out that the hull is what was left of a ship called Peralta that burned to the waterline--on the day I was born. Kalakala was built on that hull. There's also news now that Kalakala refused to turn on her side for the scrapping process. She's going out upright. Goodbye, Old Girl. This Old Girl will be proud to exit with as much dignity someday. Wearing pants, I hope.

And another country heard from... We've been honoring heroes in India, a nation with many a brave, compassionate citizen. Now, Giraffe Heroes/India will find and honor the heroes there, led from Calcutta by longtime Giraffe Hero, Vijay Saluja. Congratulations, Vijay, on this auspicious launch.




Vortex is the most engaging, inspiring thing a writer could be doing on a May weekend. Check it out. Girls only. Sorry, guys. Well, I'm not actually sorry. More like I'm thrilled that women get this crack at doing great work.

Giraffe Hero Robert Maclean had his day in court today--the Supreme Court. And he won. He'll now be re-instated as an air marshal--and maybe government agencies will think again before firing a whistleblower. Fly safe, y'all. And congratulations to this champion of public safety. #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut

Watch The New Yorker Presents Season 1 Episode - Amazon Instant Video


America's most award-winning magazine comes to life in this new docu-series. Produced by Oscar & Emmy winner Alex Gibney, the pilot features a doc from Oscar winner Jonathan Demme based on Rachel Aviv's article "A Very Valuable Reputation," writer Ariel Levy interviewing artist Marina Abramovic, a s…

The New Yorker has moved into online video--I found their pilot delightful. Loved Alan Cumming as God, loved the work of Dr. Tyrone Hayes--a valiant whistleblower, loved watching cartoons develop. Give it a go.

Fascinating to watch Seattle & the whole Salish Sea Area brim with Tough--"You thought we were all recycling, hiking, latte-drinking, book-reading, music-loving, Volvo drivers? Watch our Hawks and be afraid. Be very afraid." Still wishing I could get one of them to wear this jersey. Hello, Richard Sherman? #seahawks

Seattle-via-Mumbai Author Sonora Jha's Foreign Might Be the Best Novel You Can't Buy on Amazon


Sonora Jha's Foreign Is the Best Novel You Can't Buy on Amazon - A Literary/Journalistic Odyssey, from Seattle to India and Back Again - Everything you need to know about Seattle's literary scene is in The Stranger. Readings calendar, book reviews, criticism, and of course Paul Constant!

Here's a fine review of fellow Hedgebrook board member Sonora Jha's novel, Foreign. It includes a blast at US publishers for not picking up the book, which is very fine. Yes, I've read it--in the Random House India edition. Agents and editors: Heads up! This is a good one. Readers of good stuff: Elliott Bay Book Company has imported copies, so contact them to get one.

2015 HAS to be my year to write "Building with Christopher Alexander." I got a good start on my notes and photos during a blessed time at Hedgebrook last year, but since then, a giraffe has once again eaten all my creative time. This year, I WILL find time to write about working with Chris to create this Pattern Language house, and about what it's been like to live in it as it's mutated over the years.

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