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For those cheerful folk who think misogyny is so in the past, please note that the people who were blown to bits yesterday in Manchester were young women, attending a concert in this tour...

Rebecca Solnit on Silence, Pornography, and Feminist Literature


The following is part IV of the longer essay “Silence is Broken,” from Rebecca Solnit’s new essay collection, The Mother of All Questions. “I want to write a novel about silence. The …

Rebecca Solnit writes about women's silences in her fine new book, The Mother of All Questions: "...when women begin to speak of their experience, others step forward to bolster the earlier speaker and to share their own experience. A brick is knocked loose, another one; a dam breaks, the waters rush forth." No more silences. The mermaid speaks, June 21. Pre-order Outing the Mermaid, A Novel of Love, Fear & Misogyny, at https://tinyurl.com/jawgbwb

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