• Welcome to the website that is perhaps my Letter to the World,
  • which has indeed written back, once in a while,
  • despite my late start on the correspondence.
  • Looking back over the decades,
  • I know now that I've always been a storyteller,
  • even in kindergarten, where I kept taking over the class to tell them stories.
  • I didn't know that was a calling until I was more than half-way through

    what's turning out to be a long life.

  • Now, actuarially, time is getting short, so I'm gathering up that late-begun work and leaving it here, in the vast forest that is the internet,
  • in hopes it may be of value on your path to a long and creative life.
  • At the astonishing-to-me age of 90, I'm pleased to tell you that my roman á clef aka "auto-novel," about the first half of this very long life is getting a new life of its own. Ask your favorite bookseller for Silence of the Seamaid or click here to order on Amazon, that great maker or breaker of books.
  • This is me, with a few daft words on why you really need to read this book. Do click, it's fun—

And here's a reaction from a guy in France who read the book and sent this glorious feedback...

Amazon #1-Bestseller-badge gold.png
  • A one-day push of Silence on Amazon earned the book a gold star.
  • Well, that's nice.
  • Now if the people who downloaded the eBook read it, I'll be truly pleased.
  • Hey, if you give people actual books, you can watch them reading.
  • Somehow people staring at Kindles just aren't as interesting.

There's a lot more here. Do wander.  Welcome to it all.