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Speaking Engagements

ANN MEDLOCK is available for limited engagements as a public speaker. She's given talks in China, Russia, and all across the United States. She gives poetry and book readings, as well as speaking about true heroes and the work the Giraffe Heroes Project does to tell their stories. To inquire about having Ann speak at your event, please contact us.

Public Radio Commentary

I rented a video of Room at the Top the other night--you know the one with Lawrence Harvey as a poor young man hellbent on moving up in post-war England, and Simone Signoret as the “older woman” he loves and leaves for a young heiress? I settled in for a major cocooning evening, watching a great old broad play out a doomed love affair.

But what was this? Signoret looked fabulous....


Have you turned into your Mother yet?

It happens. After all the times you said, “When I have children, I’ll never...” haven’t you found yourself doing, saying just the things you swore you’d never do or say?

The other night my son was leaving the house after dinner, going back to his so-called cottage, back to a day job where he’s not making a living wage, back to night classes, and I found myself stuffing food in his pockets, in...


Fathers’ Day is coming. You forgot. You remembered. You’ve sent a card; you sprung for a present. You’re going over to see him. He lives too far away. You’ll call him. He died recently. He died when you were young. You love him. You hate him. You can’t figure him out. You’re mad at him and you don’t want to hear about Fathers’ Day.

Thinking about fathers can push a lot of our buttons. Some kinds of thinking about fathers can keep us...


Tomorrow’s Independence Day. A day to celebrate the American Dream. Now quick—tell me what the American Dream is.

Yes, it’s a trick question. Were your first thoughts are about having money and things, security and comforts?

We are surrounded by messages that tell us that’s the American Dream, so if you don’t watch it, you can slip into accepting that dumb idea. When I see the American Dream defined as getting and spending, I get...


There’s been a lot of press lately [1993] about the Information Highway, about how we’re all going to be able to summon the world onto home computer screens—you’ll be able to pull in any movie you want, any news, any book, any work of art. You’ll be able to shop any store in the country. And never leave your home. Wow.

Does this sound great or lousy to you? I suspect that your opinion may be directly tied to what your days are like. To...