Global Heroes — Ann Medlock TEDX

I have to say, I really don't like the TED form. I mean it's fine to watch but doing it – Amy Tan called it a "near-death experience."

The rules include rehearsing endlessly, memorizing every word, but being spontaneous. Plus keeping an eye on a count-down clock as you talk, knowing you must not go a second past the 5, 10 or 18 minutes you've been assigned.

I was asked to do 10 for this regional TED event. Since it was regional, not the center ring, I described it as a "Near-TED Experience." I usually enjoy speaking; I didn't enjoy this.

Now I tell event organizers that I will have notes. I can't invest the time it takes to memorize. I'm pretty good at being lively, not reading, my notes, ad libbing when that's called for. And I love Q&A, which is all ad lib.

In this fuzzy video, you'll see me note the time remaining and, on-the-fly, cut to the close, leaving out a Giraffe's name. Her name is Sarah Herr.