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From the Jane Austen room of the Sylvia Beach Hotel, a reader's paradise...

  • Silence of the Seamaid is Jane Austen with sex.”
  • —Goody Cable, Hotel Proprietor

"Medlock’s ripping yarn will be on my shelf next to Amy Tan, Thomas McGuane, Wallace Stegner and Barbara Kingsolver.” —Peter Tavernise, Leadership coach & artist

  • "Medlock's protagonist is a female, modern-day Odysseus... her complex and varied adventures are not about conquering kingdoms or blinding Cyclops—they are about learning how to live one's own life with the utmost authenticity and integrity."
  • — Susan S. Scott, Jungian psychotherapist and writer
  • "Dive into the 1960s and 70s world of second-wave feminism, civil rights, Vietnam, gurus, Mafiosi, the Pill, the Beatles, class distinctions, astrology, New York, but most of all—
  • the eternal mystery of what’s going on between men and women.

A roman á clef [as in, it's officially fiction but it's about the author] the story follows Lee Palmer, a smart woman swimming solo against the tides of the Mad Men era—a time not designed for a divorced mom working "outside the home."

Beset by nightmares of homelessness, Lee welcomes the safety of having a knight protector, the brilliant, charming Joe Montagna, who becomes the greatest danger she's ever faced.

  • Silence of the Seamaid will piss you off and break your heart—
  • it will also make you laugh out loud. And maybe even cheer."
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Here's the first Silence of the Seamaid video. Click on the words above and you'll see a charming minute-long "movie."

And a few visual clues about what's going on in the book...